1.15.18 Business Meeting Notes

Opening prayer lead by Rev.  William at 8:06 PM

Committee Reports

Treasurer:  Discussed Solstice Dinner
$200 raised from the Solstice Dinner
$242 raised from the Solstice Journey

Library:  Four books were donated.

Fundraising:  Recommended recording meditations (audio only) to put on YouTube or Facebook with the possibility of selling them on the COLISC website for fundraising.


Heather volunteered to help with Candlemas ceremony.


PR:  STILL can’t get on the website.  William will call Jen (and/or Kat) and walk Jen through login process.
De Quita will give Jen and Mel notes.


Positions up for vote in the next election: President, Event Coordinator, Membership.

Positions open for vote next year is VP, Secretary, and PR.


Talked about merging various positions so there would be a total of five.

Old Business

William looked at envelope design, pricing, and benefits of having envelopes.

William and Karen would like to talk about reformatting the bulletin.  Current format is not compatible with website.


New Business

Talked about board members and clergy making classes for fundraising purposes.  

Everyone in attendance talked about their roles and goals for the upcoming year.

Talked about organizing prayers and inspired talk, or rather, have people sign up for them as people sign up for meditation.

William discussed Treasury qualifications and duties.

Items from the Floor

Mel would like to print Meditations on the back of the calendar.  Everyone voted yes.


Important Dates:
February 4 – Candlemas
March 18 – New Member Service
April 1 – Easter

De Quita’s Meditation (Jan 22) will be called “Drive”.

February 11-WIlliam “Inner Chamber of the Heart”

4 – De Quita “TBA”
11 – Heather “TBA”
18 – New Member Service
25 – Mel “TBA”


1 – William “The Fool”

8 – Open

15 – Heather “TBA”

22 – Karen “Justice and Protection for the Earth”

29 – Mel “TBA”


Motion to adjourn made by Mel, seconded by Heather and Karen at 10:02 PM

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