What is COLISC?

Circle of Light Independent Spiritualist Church (COLISC) is unique in its blend of traditional Spiritualism, metaphysics, meditation, and ceremony.  One way that we are different from traditional Spiritualism is that we give messages from our spirit guides rather than loved ones who have passed on.  Although there are times when a loved one may come through with a message from the Great Beyond, usually our messages are delivered from higher vibration beings that have evolved beyond earthly incarnation.  And, there is much more to our regular service besides the messages.  The main focus of our service is the meditation – an opportunity for each of us to raise our individual and collective frequency.  In addition, we embrace all paths to Divine Oneness. You will hear references to all sacred texts by our service workers.  We believe in the interconnectedness of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes and in the continuation of consciousness after the change called “death.”

We host monthly activities such as talisman, oil and candle blessings, peace celebrations, and other services throughout the year, that cater to those that seek an interactive and vibrant spiritual experience.

Our History

Originally an independent Spiritualist church in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Circle of Light changed into a meditation focused circle for most of the 1990s. However, the light did not extinguish, and in 2004, Circle of Light gained 501(c)(3) status when it was recognized by the state of Missouri as a religious organization. In this, its current manifestation, it was started by Rev Deborah Ann Bourbon, who was the initial CEO (Chief Energy Officer), and along with the founding members, Circle of Light grew to its largest and most dynamic incarnation yet.