Business Meeting Minutes 2/21/16

Opening prayer by Rev. Bill @8:08 PM.

Minutes from previous meeting read by Rev. Bill.  Correction: Tim will run for Membership; Katie is training to become Treasurer.  Motion to approve made by Rev. William; seconded by Tim.  Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Savings – 9748.79

Checking – 2446.91

Committee Reports:

Retreat –Jae, Katie, and Storm met to discuss activities.  Alexandra joined committee.

Archive/Logistics – we have personalized pens!

Holistic Health Day – no decision made yet.

Old Business:

Heather Key took a class on basic grant writing.  Although she was familiar with a lot of what they covered, it was still useful.  Teacher will be sending them examples.

Do your research.

Plead the service being offered.

Teacher will try to set up an advanced class.

Heather will do a formal write-up later.

No by-laws to vote on yet.  The CEO issue, which we thought we had resolved, is not.  The IRS does not agree with us.

New Business:

Potential 4 new members.  Orientation 3/13.

Received a thank you card from Southwest Indian Foundation for the stove.  Other potential projects include water wells.

Items from the Floor:

April meditations needed.

4/3 – Rev. William

4/10 – Rev. Karen

4/17 – Rev. Bill

4/24 – open

Maypole will be 5/1.

Motion to adjourn made by Jae; seconded by Tim.  Passed.  Closing prayer by Rev. Bill @8:40 PM.

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