Business Meeting Minutes 7/3/16

Opening prayer by Rev. William @8:19 PM.

Minutes from previous meeting read by Rev. Karen.  Motion to approve made by Mel; seconded by Tim.  Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Savings – 10921.49

Checking – 15984.21

Committee Reports:

Event – Katie and Heather had a meeting to discuss the fire releasing ceremony and talisman blessing.  Heather asked if Pathways would be supplying talismans.  Answer:  nope; they don’t have anything in sufficient quantity.  People should be reminded to bring something.

Tech – the meeting was cancelled; will be rescheduled.  Revs. William and Bill have been updating the Yahoo groups.  Rev. Bill gave Katie information to login to the COLISC website; she will be updating it.

Building Acquisition – Rev. William turned in a copy of the lease on the new building.  Rent will be $1000/mo. Plus $150/month for office space, which we may be sharing.  This covers our usual service; for meetings that replace a regular service, such as Solstice dinner, there is no extra service.  Any events held outside are free.  Our scheduled start time for access to the sanctuary is 5PM.  We will need to coordinate our schedule with the other church (Harmony Fellowship).  At first we were told no alcohol was allowed on the premises; this was because an AA meeting is held there.  After some discussion, it was agreed that it was okay, but we absolutely must clean up after ourselves.  Capacity of the rooms:

Sanctuary – 150

Fellowship Hall – 120

Some people are unhappy that we are renting because we switched from buying to renting without consulting the membership, and the church now has the pressure to raise the extra rent money.

Counterargument – we have 6 years of rent money handy, which gives us plenty of time to work on growing the church.

Old Business:

We have some new contacts for our food/personal care donations. Both Harmony Fellowship and Triple Moon Ministries run pantries.


New Business:

Looking at the size of the sanctuary, if we grow to fill the space we will need to economize time on messages.  Or, we could do something like put a basket at the end of each row for people to place their billets, and multiple message bearers would work at the same time, working their way down the rows.  If we also return to recording our services, that would mean rather than having a stationary camera position we would need a live cameraman following the message bearers down the aisle.

Items from the Floor:

September meditations needed.  This is now the secretary’s responsibility to keep up with, since services will no longer be at Pathways.

9/4 – Mel; labors of the soul

9/11 – Rev. Karen; resolving karmic ties

9/18 – new member ceremony

9/25 – grand opening

Since we won’t have our schedule published at Pathways, we will need our own bulletin.  Apparently there is still paper left over from seminary, which should hold us for a while.

Motion to adjourn made by Rev. Bill; seconded by Mel.  Passed.  Closing prayer by Rev. William @8:56 PM.

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