1/6/19 Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Opened at 7:04 pm with an opening prayer by Rev. William Duffin.

Karen McFerran read the minutes of the previous meeting. Motion to accept minutes as read made by Rev Karen Heim and seconded by DC.

Treasure’s report: Checking $1566.86 and Savings $664.38.

Credit card is paid off currently

Committee reports

Events committee

Solstice Dinner – $200 raised from raffle. Decent attendance of 17.

Water releasing – Dissolving papers bought. 10/13/19

Air releasing – 4/7/19 committee needs to meet

Fundraising committee – needs to have a meeting

Old Business

Possible events to have a presence at: Pathways Psychic Fair, Pagan Picnic, and Crystal Fest.

New Business

Spirit Fest – have been contacting vendors with mixed results.

Items from the floor

April meditations: 4/7 – Air Releasing, 4/14 – Long Dark Night of the Soul (Rev Karen Heim), 4/21 – Resurrection of Light (Rev William Duffin), 4/28 – TBA (Karen McFerran)

Academy of Light classes to start Thursday 2/21/19.

Motion to adjourn made by Karen Heim, seconded by DC.

Adjourned 7:21 pm with prayer by Rev William Duffin

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