10.8.17 Business Meeting Minutes

Opening prayer by Reverend William at 7:21 PM


Committee Reports:

Treasurer-Has appointment with Thrivent to invest money on October 9th.
Will keep enough money in account to pay rent.

All Message Service (AMS) – ”Gifts from Spirit” is the name of the event this year.  Got a quote back from the only radio station that replied so far, 103.3 (KLOU Classic Hits).  The quote was $7,500 to play a radio ad repeated several times a day over four weeks.
William also talked to many people about advertising options.
Roles were discussed for people participating in AMS along with door prizes.
Mel would get certificates printed.
William will email flyers to Jen.
No food will be served at AMS.

Tech: William will pay Kat and ask her some tech related questions.

DC would like to do a service for Margie on Nov. 5 in place of her meditation.

Membership:  Tim couldn’t find the Birthday cards.  William will show him where they are in the office.

Old Business

Kat is in the process of updating library inventory.  William will ask about monthly status report via email.  

William would like to know where the tablet is since he doesn’t have it.  If someone has it, please give it back.

Fixing altar tiles will be tabled until a future date.

New Business

William suggested using real donation envelopes, not the reusable ones we currently use.
Mel will look into getting one.

Mel suggested recording events live and broadcasting them over the Internet.
Bill suggested using Facebook Live for AMS.
Karen brought up selling meditations on website.

Items From The Floor

Matt recorded 45 minute podcast of Bill.  Will be used as a sermon November 12, 2017 at The Gathering on Manchester.  Bill would provide the exact location later.


5 – Either Margie Ceremony or DC’s Meditation
12 – Karen “Adjustment”
19 – Bill “Cornucopia of Blessings”
26 – Communion

3 – Bill “12 Days of Mercury”
10 – Solstice Dinner
17 – TBA
24 – William “Family”
31 – TBA

Motion to adjourn made by William, seconded by Bill at 8:23 PM

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