Business Meeting Minutes 8/7/16

Opening prayer by Rev. William @8:35 PM.

Treasurer’s Report:

Savings – 10921.66

Checking – 15910.08

Committee Reports:

Event – Picnic:  inside or outside?  It will be in lieu of a regular service, which means no extra charge.  Must coordinate w/Dana.

On that topic, we should limit the number of people authorized to contact Dana.  Determine what the best method of communication is.

Should we move the date of the grand opening?  Decided to change it to 10/9, starting at 5P with tours.

Verifying that the all-message service will be 10/29.  It can now start at 7P, rather than having to wait until Pathways closes.

Tech – Kat made a presentation.  She does websites.  She gave a breakdown of her costs to update everything.  Further discussion was moved to committee.  When can the committee meet?  8/9 at 2P at church.

Old Business:

There should be a press release for our grand opening.  Jen says Cynde Meyer at Spirit Seeker will run an ad free on their FB page.

Heather re-asks about being a message bearer.

Need to put a shared calendar online so people can sign up ahead of time.

Need to define the roles of service workers.  Rename inner guard to usher.


New Business:

Change the wording in the service manual.  Jae is working on it.

Should we move the food baskets from Pathways?  No.  We can have baskets in 2 places.  Some could go to Feed My People.  Also set up a second can for SW Indian Foundation.


Items from the Floor:

Make any changes to bulletin and send to Mel.

Heather will set up sacred space for the prayer box.

Motion to adjourn made by Mel; seconded by Storm.  Passed.  Closing prayer by Rev. William @9:35 PM.

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