Business Meeting Minutes 9/4/16

Opening prayer by Rev. William @8:15 PM.

Treasurer’s Report:

Savings – 14310.79

Checking – 10997.66

Committee Reports:

Event – Picnic:  wish more people had attended.  Perhaps next year the church could provide the main dish.  Also, we could set up some board games.  Should we advertise?  Hold it outside?

Do we have any new members?  Mike Swank, possibly.  If not discuss an alternative at the board meeting.

Grand opening:  need to have a committee meeting.  Set for 9/18 at 5P.

All message service:  need info on who can/will give messages.

Tech – met to discuss Kat’s presentation.  As a show of due diligence, we should get other quotes.  So far, other people who have been approached have not responded, which is unprofessional.  So what now?  We would still need bids.  More discussion ensued.  With something this big, it must be voted on by the membership after a survey to determine what the membership thinks is necessary for our website.

There is now an updated calendar on the website.  The computer was taken to MacHQ for updating.  Should we update to a new computer?  It would cost extra.  Motion to do so made by Katie; seconded by Rev. William.  Passed.

Volunteers:  still haven’t met.  The 1st meeting will involve organizing the library.  Date set for 10/5 at 7P.  Each volunteer can be interviewed there to see what they want to do.

Membership:  decided to buy all birthday cards at once and organize them by month.

Old Business:

Obtaining a church phone:  Sprint too expensive.  It will end up on someone’s personal account.  If we get a tablet, it can be left in the office to be available to take money for the all message service.

Still need a calendar in public for coordination purposes.

Time to update the trifold brochure.  When we get the new phone number, give it to Katie.

Jae has added John Tedesco to the insurance.  She will also have the changes to the service manual by next Sunday.


New Business:

Jae asks to set up an Amazon wishlist.  Got our first Smile contribution – $5.

Potential fundraiser:  bake sale of cookies.


Items from the Floor:

Mel asks if someone will be at the Psychic Fair at Pathways at the end of September to advertise the all message service.

Update to Sept. meditations:  Rev. William has changed the name of his meditation to “Sacred Space”.

October meditations:

10/2 – Katie

10/9 – grand opening

10/16 – Rev. Karen

10/23 – Rev. William – guidance from spirit

10/30 – Mel – between the worlds

There is a podium in the office which is from the old COLISC.  Shall we release it?  Perhaps offer it as a raffle during the all message service.

Motion to adjourn made by Rev. William; seconded by Heather.  Passed.  Closing prayer by Rev. William @9:30 PM.

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