Business Meeting Minutes 1/3/16

Opening prayer by Rev. Bill @8:24 PM.

Minutes from previous meeting read by Rev. Bill.  Motion to approve made by Rev. William; seconded by Heather Key.  Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Savings – 9509.72

Checking – 3032.42

Southwest Indian Foundation – money for 1 stove sent.

Committee Reports:

Retreat –Jae and Katie meeting Saturday to discuss activities.  We should check on how the Cuivre River was during the recent flooding.

Solstice Dinner – went well.  Setup went well.

Tech – we have a printer!  It’s an all-in-one.  Yay Rev. William.  We are still considering a computer upgrade.

Holistic Health Day – should we move the date or not have it?  It’s not a moneymaker anymore, and a lot of other things happen that same time.  It’s also a lot to ask people to donate their time for very little return.  Perhaps we should make a committee to document everything.  Katie and Heather Key volunteer.

Old Business:

Adopt a family and food pantry – Jae will do January, bringing cleaning supplies and water to areas hard hit by flooding.  Heather Key will do Feb.

New Business:

Much discussion ensued about communication – not just online (Facebook, Yahoo, Google Drive) but in person.  Clearly there is a disconnect between ministers and general members/attendees at church.

There are a number of classes available at community college about skills that would benefit a nonprofit.  Several people expressed interest in taking these classes.  Mel made a motion, seconded by Rev. William, that the church pay for them to do so and report back.

Candidates for April elections:

President – Rev. William

Membership – Tim, Katie

Treasurer – currently open

Event Coordinator – Jae

Items from the Floor:

March meditations needed.

3/6 – Rev. Bill

3/13 – Rev. Karen

3/20 – new member ceremony

3/27 – closed for Easter

Motion to adjourn made by Mel; seconded by Rev. William.  Passed.  Closing prayer by Rev. Bill @9:57 PM.

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