Business Meeting Minutes 11/4/18

Opening prayer by Rev. William @7:10PM.

Minutes of previous meeting read by Rev. Karen. Motion to accept made by Tom; seconded by Mel. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

checking:  3440.68

savings: 664.32

Committee Reports:

Soul Retrieval – we netted $200.  Need people to write testimonials.

Old Business:

Lois is working on the brochure.  Rev. William will send pictures for it to Mel.

AMS/Gifts of Spirit – need list of prizes.  Rev. William is making a program.  Setup is at 5PM.  Sales have been slow.  Since we only have 4 people working the event, Mel volunteers to go twice, doing flower messages as a second medium.

Communion – Mel will chair.  She will also get the bread, wine, and juice.  Karen M. will take the offering to Mom.  Tom will hold the bread, and Sherry the wine/juice.

Solstice dinner – I will roast a turkey and make a dessert.

New Business:  none

Items from the Floor:

All meditations for Feb. 2019 are covered.  They are as follows:

2/3 – Candlemas

2/10 – Rev. Karen; Shiva mantras

2/17 – Karen M.

2/24 – Mel; the Reindeer People

Motion to adjourn made by Rev. Karen; seconded by Tom.  Passed.  Closing prayer by Rev. William @8:02PM.

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