Big News! New Classes!

BIG NEWS! The mission of Circle of Light is to “seek, develop, and teach the knowledge of the relationship between humanity and spirit.” To fulfill that mission, we introduce the Academy of Light. Our course of study begins with a firm foundation in metaphysics and personal growth. Developing intuition involves developing one’s self.
This school is not only for your personal spiritual development, it is an avenue to become a message-bearer, COLISC leader, and/ or minister.

Some of what we will cover:
1. Breathing. Undivided Attention
2. Healthy boundaries. Clearing and claiming space.
3. Spirit communication
4. meditation
5. harnessing creative energy. Understanding life force.
6. Chakras
7. crystals, colors, candles, and other tools
8. Appropriate use of emotions
9. consciously advancing soul growth and evolution
10. the universal laws. Including the power of visualization.
11. Dream interpretation and the universal symbolic language

Thurs nights
$40/ 2 hour class.
Details and schedule to follow…

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