12/2/18 Business Meeting Minutes

Circle of Light Business Meeting Minutes



Meeting Opened at 7:17 pm with an opening prayer by Rev. William Duffin.

Rev. Karen Heim read the minutes of the previous meeting. Motion to accept minutes as read as read made by Tom and seconded by Rev Karen Heim.

Treasure’s report: Checking $2452.27 and Savings $664.35.

The church is over in paying Cat $900 for website maintenance. Payment approved

Committee reports

Events committee

Communion – Bread was good.

Gifts of the Spirit – As a fundraiser, it was a bust, only three or four people bought tickets. On a positive note, Tom did a great job as MC. Remaining door prizes to be raffled at the Solstice dinner.

Solstice Dinner – We really need to flog this event. Sell raffle tickets. Pass the offering plate. Set up at 5 pm.

Leadership Retreat – All day starting at 10 am on May 11th at Rev William Duffin’s house. Title is TBA.

Earth Releasing Ceremony – Seed papers bought. Rev Karen and Karen McFerran. Standardized Quarter calls and Banishings. Need a program.

Spirit Fest – date set for June 8, 2019

Tech committee – Need a donation link added to page as well as Amazon donation link.

Old Business

Pagan Picnic – Karen McFerran still trying to contact, have sent 3 emails.

Publicity – Possibly make up postcards for each quarter listing events. Solstice dinner postcards. Possibly use vista print.

Have a presence at Crystal Fest in September

Every one should try to bring at least 2 ideas for events to have a presence at.

New Business


Items from the floor

I meditation spot open in March, the 31st. It will be held for Mel

Dues will be due by the end of January. ($15)

Motion to adjourn made by Karen Heim, seconded by Karen McFerran.

Adjourned 8:20 pm

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