Business Meeting Minutes 9/2/18

Business Meeting 9/2/18

Opening prayer by Rev. William @7:30 PM.

Minutes from previous meeting read by Tom.  Motion to approve made by Rev. Karen; seconded by Mel.  Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Savings – 1164.27

Checking – 1361.64

Rev. William will move money from Thrivent account to checking to cover ongoing expenses.  Rev. Karen also brought up that Rev. William has been covering the cost of the church phone, and should be reimbursed for that.

Committee Reports:


All Message Service/Gifts from Spirit: we need to find an MC.

We will do singing to raise the energy.

Message bearers, in order, plus their modalities:

  1. DeQuita – oracle cards
  2. Karen McFerran – billets
  3. Melina – goddess readings
  4. Karen – billets
  5. DC – automatic writing
  6. William – Tarot

Decided to raise the ticket price to $25.

Rummage Sale/Sharing the Harvest:  setup will be Friday.  DC will be at church around 3P; this would be a good time for others to bring items they would like to donate.  Plans are for tables with items sorted by price.

Day of sale:  be here no later than 7:30A.

Rev. Karen will be meeting with DC on 9/13 to sort through items she has in storage for donations.  The next day Rev. Karen will go through the library to weed out books that are either duplicates or not appropriate for us to donate to the sale.


Old Business:

Mel suggested we table the suggestion to add crystal grids around the altar for now, until we have time to research some appropriate designs.

A committee was suggested in order to work out the structure for the new releasing ceremonies we would like to debut in January.

Rev. William bought the church a paper cutter.

We need a new brochure.  A quick and dirty one will be put together to have at the rummage sale, and a slicker one will be ready by the All Message service.

New Business:

Sherry Gillick volunteered to design a new vision board for the church, which we will consecrate on 9/9.  She has also volunteered to run a vision board workshop on 10/21, fee $25.  This will run 2.5 hours.

Items from the Floor:

There has been talk of perhaps having a different time for the service.  Rev. Karen will set up a FB poll offering 3 choices: 8A, 1P, or the current time of 6P.


12/2 – Rev. William; “Beating the Winter Blues”

12/9 – Rev. Karen; mantras for Human Rights Day

12/16 – Solstice dinner

12/23 – DC – “Birth”

12/30 – Melina – “Winter’s Grandmothers”

Motion to adjourn made by Mel; seconded by Rev. Karen.  Passed.  Closing prayer by Rev. William @8:45 PM.

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