Mtg Minutes 8-5-18

Business Mtg. 8-5-18

An impromptu fundraising discussion before the meeting:

  • Susan Doig volunteered to help with T-shirts and signs

    • t-shirts to sell and for us to wear at events to ID us as workers/ volunteers.

  • Chicken dinner

  • Craft Fair

  • Food Truck at our events

  • serve wine, beer, water, coffee at events

  • Crystal show

    • crystal grids

  • Make new attractive brochure to promote COLISC.

  • Host yoga, qi gong, etc.

  • Have musical events

  • Use music in services

    • sound healer

    • Kim Bennett

    • Patti Palermo

    • John MacEnulty

    • Willow B.

  • Eventbrite to sell tickets.

  • Upload recordings to website to sell and promote COLISC.

    • New youtube channel using new email address

    • New Twitter “ “

    • ask Kat for advice on uploading – William

  • releasing ceremony every quarter

    • in line with fire releasing

  • Teach classes

    • intro to Spiritualism

    • Development”

    • healing techniques

  • Write articles to coincide with ads in Spirit Seeker, etc.

  • Mention our website and donation options in service every week and at every event!

Meeting called to order at 1930

Secretary DeQita Bardwell and board member D.C. on speakerphone

President William Duffin read the minutes from the previous meeting

Minutes accepted as read

Committee reports

  1. DC and William gave summary of the success of teaching classes before service.

    1. To be determined. It seems that people are interested in the classes. But, don’t stay for service.

  2. D.C. (Fundraising) will submit an after-action report of the St. Louis Spirit Fest

    1. Again, it seemed we had good attendance at the event. But it has not brought more people to COLISC

Old Business

Annual events:

  1. Date selected for “Gifts of Spirit” (All-Message Service) Nov. 10

    1. Plan events a year ahead of time to book room at church

    2. we will have this event planned out at the Sept business mtg.

    3. Who committed to working?

      • William Duffin

      • Karen Heim

      • Karen McFerran

      • Melina Valdejo

      • DeQita Bardwell

  2. Communion will be Nov. 25

    1. plan who is doing what

New Business

Items from the floor

  1. Positive feedback – people like the drum meditations

  2. The brainstorming before the meeting was great. We commit to having committee meetings to foster such interaction.

  3. Meditations committed

    1. Nov. 18 William – Gratitude

  4. Give Karen McFerran website access – message-bearer

  5. People like the healing time before service. Do it!

  6. Overall, promote what how we manifest our mission in the community

Meeting adjourned at 2030

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