Business Meeting 1/8/17

Opening prayer by Rev. William @7:25 PM.

Rev. Karen read minutes from last meeting.  Motion to approve as read made by Mel; seconded by Tim.  Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Savings – 7624.21

Checking – 7308.55

There is possibly another $250 donation coming.

Committee Reports:

Tech – reviewed the bones of the website.

Event – World Peace Day went great.  Mel enjoyed the drumming; maybe we should keep this for following years.  Rev. William also brought noisemakers so others could join in; DC called them “noise eggs”.

Solstice dinner was good.  DC should give Jae an estimate of the value of her donated raffle items for a tax letter.

PR/Marketing – haven’t put video up yet.

Old Business:

Rebecca Cole sent a thank you card for the money we gave her.

New Business:

Let’s remind everyone that dues are due.

Items from the Floor:

We need/desire/require a new box for service supplies; currently kept in a beat-up cardboard box.  We also need new baskets for the hymnals.

Looking for ideas on how to embody/preserve sacredness.  The energy was not packed up out of Pathways and properly unpacked in the new space.

Should people dress better if working the service?

Perhaps close the sanctuary doors to respect ritual silence; post a sign or have the usher outside.

Make a checklist of what to do to set up the building if Rev. William cannot be there (i.e. he needs a backup).

March meditations:

3/5 – Rev. Karen – “Giving Up to Gain”

3/12 – Katie – “Tour the Higher Self”

3/19 – New member ceremony

3/26 – Melina – “Goddess Flora”

Motion to adjourn made by Heather; seconded by Mel.  Passed.  8:26 PM.

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