Business Meeting Minutes 11/6/16

Opening prayer by Rev. William @8:04 PM.

Rev. Karen read minutes from last meeting.  Motion to approve as read made by Rev. Bill; seconded by Heather.  Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Savings – 6166.10

Checking – 9681.73

Money pulled out to add to CD.  CD good for another 12 months.

Committee Reports:

Tech – Rev. William has been talking to Kat about options for the website.  They chose some options, and passed on others.  The previous total cost was $1703; the updated total is $2396.

Motion to approve updated costs made by Heather; seconded by Tim.  Passed.

Event – All Message service – messages were good; attendance was poor.

(Here the secretary inserts the following, from the brief post-mortem held immediately after the event.  1.  It was a mitigated disaster.

  1. We are unhappy about the lack of attendance.
  2. No one arranged for a sacrificial Tarot deck, so Rev. William donated his.
  3. No certificates for the prizes had been printed. Part of this was due to needing a new black cartridge for the printer.
  4. The format for the MC was not provided.
  5. Most of this is due to a lack of organization, since no one stepped in when the Event Coordinator went on leave.

Thus endeth the digression.)

Rev. William takes partial responsibility for this.  He realizes he should have immediately stepped in and appointed someone to take Katie’s place.  This has now been remedied; Heather Key is our temporary Event Coordinator.

Next event:  Communion.  Is this a clergy-planned event or a coordinator-planned event?  It is both.  The coordinator will be responsible for having the physical things needed:  trays, cups, bread, mead.  The clergy will assign roles and share that information with the coordinator.

Solstice dinner – Mel will put church items on the Pathways site and in store.  Rev. William will get the turkey.  Add paper goods to the signup sheet.  Need setup and cleanup crew.

Rev. William will contact Dana regarding designated cabinet and fridge space in the café.

World Peace Day – here or at Pathways?  Here.

Is the Event Coordinator responsible for publicity?  Discussion ensued regarding making a board position for marketing.

Old Business:


New Business:

Heather requests again to be message bearer.

Jen Rogers volunteers to help with advertising.

We are less concerned about getting board approval for ads for church in general than we are about events in particular.

Regarding meetings in future – in the constitution it states we cannot vote by proxy, and in the by-laws we added that this also includes electronic methods.  A discussion was therefore tabled for some time in the future.

Items from the Floor:

DC wants to bring back the fundraising committee.  Should that be combined with marketing?  That would be a lot for one person.

If we are adding board positions, it is better to add 2, because that keeps us at an odd number of members.  Heather makes a motion to add 2 board positions.  Seconded by DC.  Passed.

Rev. William then made a motion that it be a policy that the board positions added be assigned as marketing and fundraising.  Seconded by DC; passed.

Rev. William nominates Jen Rogers as marketing board member.  She accepts.  Jae nominates DC for fundraising, but she declines; she can provide assistance, but cannot at this time take the full responsibility.

Mel wants to make a flyer RE: solstice dinner to send to former members, as a way of saying, “Come home” to our new address.  Rev. William moves that Mel have authority to make such a flyer and distribute as she sees fit.  Didn’t note who seconded, but it did pass.

We need lights outside; it’s easy to miss the driveway.

Shall we change the start time of service to 6P, planning for fellowship and food afterwards?  Heather so moves; seconded by DC. Passed.  Beginning date:  solstice dinner 12/11.

January meditations:

1/1 – motion made by Heather/seconded by DC that there be no service this day.

1/8 – business meeting; Rev. William

1/15 – Rev. Bill – “Contacting your inner Goat”.

1/22 – oil anointing service

1/29 – Mel – “Goddess Hestia”

Motion to adjourn made by Rev. Bill; seconded by Rev. William.  Passed.  Closing prayer by Rev. William @9:13 PM.

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