8.6.17 Business Meeting Notes

Opening Prayer by Rev. William at 7:17 PM


Thrivent Financial provided investment opportunity information for COLISC


Read previous meeting minutes
Karen made motion to pass minutes as read, seconded by Tim.


Committee Reports


Treasurer:  William made a note that he had to move money around accounts for church expenses.


Tech:  Signed contract and sent money to Kat.
Jen’s problems are solved.

Info about Spiritualism on website still not complete.
Karen will continue to archive old business meeting notes.
Volunteers needed to fill out information on website.


Events:  Encouraged everyone to bring stuff for picnic next week.

PR: Keeping Yelp page active.
Will do All Message Service flyer and send it to William on Tuesday.
Volunteered to fill in updated information on website homepage.

Librarian:  Will coordinate with Karen for putting stuff on website as needed.


Membership:  Working on picking up birthday card duty.


Fundraiser,  Secretary: NA

Old Business


William will ask Kat about ODT issue.


How to invest money from CD was discussed.
William and Karen will look over and discuss options and bring to a meeting in September.

New Business

Bill’s article on Facebook sparked a discussion about Millennials, COLISC, volunteers, and boundaries in asking vs. expecting others to volunteer to help.
(link to article http://faithit.com/10-things-wont-find-church-attract-millennials-frank-powell/)

Date for All Message Service was discussed.  
Agreed on November 4, 2017
More info TBA


Bring the following idea to next month.
1.  What is our mission.
2.  How do we manifest our vision.


Approved people for giving Meditations for service.
Motion to approve Heather made by William, seconded by Karen.
Motion to approve De Quita made by Heather, seconded by Karen.


Items from the Floor

September Meditations
3 – Karen “The Lovers”
17 – New Members Ceremony
24 – Heather “The Salmon”

October Meditations
1 – De Quita TBA
8 – William “The Fall”
15 – Karen “The Chariot”
22 – Heather TBA
29 – Jen (Tentative Presenter)


Motion to adjourn made by William, seconded by Heather at 9:05 PM

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