7.2.17  Business Meeting Notes

Opening Prayer by Rev. William at 6:43 PM.


Read previous meeting minutes.


Committee Reports


Treasurer: Is finally on signature card.  Previous attempt by past treasurer to close account unsuccessful.  Extra “spirit” in check name.  Discussed talking about options for CD account in September.


Fundraiser: Weren’t able to sit down and talk to Rev. William.  Will continue to try to have meeting with William to discuss fundraising options.


PR:  Not able to access events.  Jen will continue to post weekly meditations instead of switching to posting them all once a month.


Secretary: NA

Membership: NA

Librarian: NA
Events: NA


Old Business


Website:  Only way to post is through sitemap.

Points Made

  • Need something at topbar to allow people to post.
  • Someone needs to add information to Founders, Spiritualism, and Universal Laws sections.
  • Someone needs to fill in Library section.
  • People should get a profile and fill-in accurate information for profile.


William bought a label maker, memory cards for phone.


New Business


Jen would like to volunteer for Meditation in August.  Scheduled for August 27th, “The Spiral.”


Picnic (possibly?) scheduled for August 13.


William volunteered to do August 20th meditation, “In the Shadow of the Moon.”


De Quita bought two citronella candles for use when service is held outside.  May possibly buy more for Fire Releasing Ceremony.


Discussed Fire Releasing Ceremony and Calling Quarters.
Bill volunteered to do East


Items from the Floor


September Meditations
3 (Labor Day)-TBA

10 William “Equilibrium”

17 (New Members Service) NA

24 TBA


Motion to adjourn made by Bill, Karen seconded at 7:18 PM

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