Business Meeting Minutes 5/7/17

Business Meeting 5.7.17


Opening Prayer by Rev. William @ 6:40 PM


Minutes from previous meeting read by De Quita Bardwell.

Treasurer’s Report: N/A

Committee Reports:
Event Committee:  Maypole was great.
The retreat was great.
Talisman Blessing: Information is on website.  Participants are to bring item to event. (6.21)


Retreat Report:       There was drumming, meditation, and napping.


Old Business:

Out of all the welcome home letters sent out, only two have responded and visited church.

Changed website permissions for Bill.


Jen requested emails for information.  Was redirected to website where information is.

No update on Amazon Smile participation.


Recommendation to have people volunteer for service roles, food for after service, etc.


Food doesn’t have to be an elaborate meal.  Snack foods will be fine.


Need Treasurer, Event Coordinator, and Membership person to train new Ushers.


Prototype Sign-Up Sheet for roles in service was passed around.  Great feedback was given.

Need new box for church service supplies.

Need new baskets for hymnals and messages.  Heather would donate new baskets for this purpose.  Recommended that we burn the old ones at the Fire Releasing Ceremony.  (7.9.17)

Rev. William bought new phone for church.


Need someone to record and edit church service.


When someone organizes the office, please leave a note saying what you did and please label what’s in a folder, drawer, box, etc.

Recommended to establish temple day (clean up day) once a month.

Who has keys:
Heather has Bill’s old set of keys.
William received Katie’s keys and gave them to Bill.
De Quita received Jay’s keys.
Tim has keys.


New Business:


William passed out “Commitment to My Community” sheet to church leaders.  Mel made recommendation to add the phrase to Part C: “in person” to emphasize that if someone has an issue with someone, they should do it in person.  It was signed.


Someone should update/upload files to website if they have any.


Mel asked for 200 Pagan Picnic packets to be made.  Heather volunteered to make it.  Flyer would contain church winged man picture, questions that would encourage attendance, and contact info.


Eric and Dana from Harmony Fellowship recommended that we add more music to the church service. Recommended music was to be upbeat and connect with people.  Dana donated two CD’s while Vanessa donated one CD.

We need volunteers to do various jobs for service.  Heather volunteered to  be a Service Coordinator and set this process up.  Tim as Membership Board Member would supervise.

Bill volunteered to create group that would brainstorm ideas for church.


Eric recommended that the inspired talk should have more structure.



Items From the Floor:

July 2017 Meditations:
2 – Bill: ”Full Moon Cancer”

9 – Fire Releasing Ceremony

16 – William: “TBA”

23 – Karen: “High Priestess”

30 – TBA


May 28 – Mel: “TBA”
June 25 – Open

Request to make De Quita Message Bearer in service.  Matter moved to board meeting.

Motion to adjourn made by Bill, seconded by Karen

Adjourned 7:21 PM

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