9.10.17 Business Meeting Notes

Opening Prayer by Rev. William at 7:39 PM


Committee Reports


Treasurer’s Report:  Checking $1,292.05
         Savings   $1,063.72

Talked about moderate to low-moderate investing options.


Tech:  Still needs to send Kat money.
Bill and Heather still need a COLISC account.  Problem still needs to be solved.  William needs to get a payment system going.
Karen will drop off stuff to William at a later date.


Fundraising:  Decided that All Message Service needs to have a committee meeting to discuss the event.

Karen may ask Storm to be MC.  Still needs to contact Storm to double-check and be sure that’s okay.

Old Business

All Message Service Meeting is September 17 after service
During committee meeting, we need to divide duties and follow through on calling people.

Moved Next Month’s Business Meeting to October 8, 2017!


Tim will do orientation member meeting.

De Quita needs to remind Heather to help.  Starts at 5pm.
Mel will print out certificates.
Karen will pick up rolls and sparkling grape juice.


New Business


William’s Proposal:  William’s shaman friend would like to come and do a journey session during Solstice.
$50 Prepaid
COLISC – Preregister attendants
Date: December 21 (Thursday)

Communion – November 26
Solstice Dinner – December 10


Items from the Floor

1 – De Quita “Nurturing Your Inner Child”
8 – William “The Fall”

15 – Karen “The Chariot”
22 – Heather “The Salmon”
29 – Jen is Tentative Presenter


5 – DC “Do Stuff with Your Aura”
12 – Open
19 – Open
22 – Open
26 – Communion


Motion to close made my Mel, seconded by Karen at 8:56 PM

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