Business Meeting Minutes 6/14/15

Opening prayer by Rev. Bill @8:06 PM.

Minutes from previous meeting read by Rev. Karen.  Motion to pass made by Rev. William; seconded by Tim.  Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking – 5066.03

Savings – 7966.71

29 paid members, $395 in dues.

Committee Reports:

Hymnal committee – new book prototype shown.  Can put yellow sheets in front.  A couple of songs are missing; we don’t sing them – can they be dropped? Yes.  Add calendars?  Yes.

Archive and logistics – need more easy-ups for Holistic Health Day.  Cost – $120.  Rev. Bill requests we buy 2; Rev. Vanessa seconds.  Passed.

New chairs here; need stenciling and inventorying.

Retrograde was a bear; William did not find printers.

Old Business:

Jae passed out new membership cards.  Noted that a couple of reverends did not have title listed.

New Business:

Received letter from Amazon Smile offering us an opportunity to set up an account.  People who shop through them can designate COLISC as their choice for support, and we would receive 5% of what they spend.

Ralph sent a letter thanking COLISC for its support, and how he appreciates the church.

Retreat next year will be 5/6-5/7; already reserved cabin.  Start ramping up in November.  Need to set up a committee:  volunteers are Zach, Rev. William, and Katie.

Items from the Floor:  none.

Motion to adjourn made by Zach; seconded by Rev. William.  Closing prayer by Rev. Bill @8:31 PM.

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