4.1.18 Business Meeting

Opening Prayer by Rev. William at 7:24 PM


Committee Reports




Talked about T-shirts. Need someone to give logo to T-shirt committee person.

William made notes for the many people he needs to talk to.


Tech:  Kat will have more free time in two weeks. People can ask for help on the website.

Karen needs help inputting the ISBN numbers for some books. Website only recognizes certain numbers and not others.

William also said there’s a downloadable instruction guide on website.

Talked about Google search results not showing COLISC.

Smile.Amazon can’t find us there. Facebook also have issues.


Old Business

Karen recommended recording past meditations.

DC has two recordings. Just needs to add pictures.

William made a point about recording service audio-only.


New Business


William says DC should have access to social media accounts.


Karen did some library work and added new, interesting books.



Because these elections are uncontested, people will be elected by majority yay/nay vote.




DC asked if she could teach a free class before service. William said yes.


Items From the Floor

July Meditations

1-William TBA

8-Karen “Strength”

15-De Quita “Gathering Your Alliance”

22-Fire Releasing Ceremony

29-Mel TBA


Motion to adjourn made by Mel, seconded by Karen at 7:54 PM.

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