Business Meeting Minutes 12/3/17

Opening prayer by Rev. William @6:55 PM.

In attendance:  Rev. William, Rev. Karen, Tim.  No quorum, so nothing can be voted on.

Minutes of previous meeting read.  Rev. Karen will make necessary amendments.

Treasurer’s Report:

checking – 12401.10

saving – 1063.86

Rev. William met with PNC and applied for a church credit card.


Solstice dinner – set up time? 5 PM.  Rev. William will be there most of the day.

World Peace Day – Rev. William is working on the meditation and an activity.


Tim has started scheduling birthdays to pop up on our FB page.

Old Business:  -0-

New Business:

Rev. Vanessa is offering to resign her status as Reverend due to her ongoing personal and health issues.  Rev. Karen and Rev. William believe she should instead be moved to Reverend Emeritus status.

Southwest Indian Foundation:  need to collect all monies raised, add our amount, and send a check off.  Rev. William will take care of this.

Winter giving: at this time of year, we generally use  $100/month to help others in the community, whether that is buying food and personal care items or helping people improve their living situation.  We could not vote to approve this; will try to meet briefly before Solstice dinner.

Items from the floor:

Feb. meditations:

2/4 – Candlemas ceremony

2/11 – Rev. William

2/18 – Rev. Karen – year of the earth dog

2/25 – TBA

Closing prayer @7:25 PM.

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