Business Meeting 2/5/17

Opening prayer by Rev. William @7:12 PM.

Treasurer’s Report:

Savings – 7757.27

Checking – 4027.77

We did receive another $250 donation from Kathryn Nebil as a company match from Monsanto, said to be used for garden upkeep.  I suggested we add our own statue to the ones people can walk meditatively to.

Committee Reports:

Tech – members were asked to log in to the new website and input their information.  Some people have done this; many have not.

Event – do we have any potential new members?  Brooke says she still wants to, so unless family matters come up again as they did last time she’s a definite.

Old Business:

Rev. Bill gave Mel the final output of his project to document the history and procedures of the church. Hard copy was given to the Secretary.

Final determination of which positions are voted on when is as follows:

Odd numbered years – VP, Secretary, Librarian, PR

Even numbered years – President, Treasurer, Membership, Event Coordinator, Fundraising

Current VP, Secretary, Librarian cannot run again.

Rev. Karen will run for VP.  Heather Key will run for Librarian.  Still need a secretary candidate.

Pagan Picnic – we don’t have to commit to a separate booth; DC offers to share hers.  Now to plan items to offer for sale as fundraising as well as providing information.  Same goes for Pagan Pride.

New Business:

Received a thank you card from FISH for our contribution, which amused Heather, as she hadn’t bought the items yet.

Planned a meeting on 2/19 @4:30P to work out structuring of the service.

DC asks about the idea of having a “lifetime membership” cost.

Items from the Floor:

Sign up for fellowship and service work!

April meditations:

4/2 – Rev. Karen – “Trip of a Lifetime”

4/9 – currently open

4/16 – Rev. William

4/23 – Tim

4/30 – Mel – “The Goddess Maeve”

Motion to adjourn made by Jae; seconded by Heather.  Passed.  7:55 PM.

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