Business Meeting Minutes 12/4/16

Opening prayer by Rev. William @8:27 PM.

Rev. Karen read minutes from last meeting.  Motion to approve as read made by Rev. Bill; seconded by Tim.  Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Savings – 6641.15

Checking – 8915.31

The $250 donation from Monsanto apparently came from someone named Kathlyn Nebil.

Committee Reports:

Tech – the bones of the new website are set; the Winged Man is on our homepage.  The site address:

Rev. William got a tutorial via phone last week.  The site should be fully functional by next business meeting.

Event – Communion went well.

Solstice dinner – need ice; Jon S. will bring.  D.C. will bring paper plates.

Fridge space – find whatever space we can in the “old fridge”.

World Peace Day – Heather won’t be there.  Rev. William and Rev. Bill will (with the peace pole).  D.C. would like there to be drums.  Planning to have food afterwards; announce this at service.

The “welcome home” letter Mel wrote has been sent out, with Vanessa’s help.

January’s event is oil anointing.  We already have the oils; we’ll need our marketing dept. to get the word out.

Old Business:

Has anyone other than Rev. William and Jon S. attended Harmony Fellowship?  No.  We should find out about forming a liaison with other free form churches such as them.

Outside lights should have been taken care of in November.

Tim will add Heather and D.C. to Yahoo message bearer group.

Jen has lots of PR ideas.  D.C. would like to take over the Facebook page and a) post 3x/day, and b) video and post inspired talks.  For both these things, Jen and D.C. would like to become administrators of the Facebook page.  Motion made by Heather; seconded by Rev. Bill.  Passed.  Tim set them up.

New Business:

We are now at the time of year where we usually spend $100/month to buy food/personal items for donation.  For a change we have set what we’re doing for the entire timeframe.

Nov. – Heather will buy items to help Syrian refugees. (Motion to do this made by Rev. Karen; seconded by D.C. – passed.)

Dec. – Jae will buy items for a family her workplace has adopted.

Jan. – we have a homeless member, and the money will go to her.

Feb. – we will donate items to the charity Heather’s mother works for (FISH).

If we want to have a booth at Pagan Picnic and/or Pagan Pride, the time to sign up is now.  We can work on getting volunteers to man the booth later.

Items from the Floor:

January meditations: the name of Rev. William’s meditation on 1/8 will be “The Fool”.

February meditations:

2/5 – candle ceremony

2/12 – Rev. William – “The Lovers”

2/19 – Rev. Bill – “What’s Your Vision?”

2/26 – Storm

We must reach out to new people.  Officially, the reverends are supposed to act as greeters, but that’s not happening.  Well, let’s change the name of the inner guard to usher/greeter.  Motion to do so made by Rev. William; seconded by Heather.  Passed.

Due to problems we have had in the past, we want the ushers to be trained on what is appropriate to say and how to present themselves.  Responsibility for said training falls under the position of membership committee under Tim.  Heather and Jon S.  volunteer to join that committee.

Still looking to fill the fundraising position.  D.C. says she will do it, since she has to stay in town right now to care for her ailing parents.

Jon S. says Katie is planning on returning in January, and is excited.  Heather is happy to step back, but will be able to assist Katie.

Let’s try again the idea of signing up for tasks ahead of time.

Motion to adjourn made by Rev. Bill; seconded by Heather.  Passed.  9:26 PM.

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