Business Meeting Minutes 2/1/15

Opening prayer by Rev. Bill @8:24 PM.

Minutes of previous meeting read by Rev. Karen.  Motion to accept minutes as read made by Tim; seconded by Lois.  Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

No info available; treasurer not in attendance.

Committee Reports:


Old Business:

If we get new chairs, perhaps the attached padding could be plastic-coated for easy cleaning?  Rev. Bill was introduced to a new resource:  World Wide Inventory Network.  It caters specifically to non-profits, and their prices are good.

Lois will shop this month for food pantry items.

Will we be recording services again?  Some training with the cameras is needed, but shooting for later this month or early March.

Meeting with the CPA went well; got clarification on a number of items.

New Business:

Jon Schultz has a project he wants to sponsor – COLISC coins – with the proceeds pointed towards the expansion fund.  Was advised to put a proposal together in writing, and the board will vote on it.  Also wants to do a similar project with engraved stones.

Items from the Floor:


Motion to adjourn made by Katie; seconded by Mel.  Closing prayer by Rev. Bill @8:42 PM.

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