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Circle of Light Activities and Addenda

About once a month, we host an activity as an alternate to our traditional meditations.

Maypole / Beltane – close to May 1st. This is a ceremony that welcomes in Spring, and celebrates new life and new beginnings.

Fire Releasing Ceremony – every July.  Our most popular activity.  From Rev. Deborah’s description: At the time of the full moon, we can utilize the extra influx of energy to clear our personal space,release limitations & outworn concepts, free ourselves from burdens, make plans & personal commitments, and give thanks for our progress & growth. We can do this by offering our statements, tokens or physical items to the purifying energy of fire. These offerings to the fire take place in 3 stages or “circles” around the fire. In the first circle around the fire, each person is invited, in turn, to rid themselves of things or ideas that they wish to release out of their lives. We return them to their essential atomic form with the energy of the fire, releasing them forever to the Universe. The second circle around the fire is to offer our plans and commitments to the energy of the flames to take those ideas and lift them to the higher planes for assistance on our journey. The third round is for us to give thanks for the great gifts we have been given. It is strongly suggested that you look within and have something to give to the fire, and a statement to share, for each round. Participation builds energy and power.

In August we have our annual picnic, and really this is a two fold event. On one hand, this is simply a good time of community bonding, and on the other hand, the Circle of Light ministers that host the event discuss the spiritual symbolism of not only the foods brought, but also metaphysical teachings that focus on community and the role food and communal meals play in our overall spiritual growth.

Candlemas / First Light – a ceremony based on an ancient tradition to welcome back the first light of the spring. This sacred festival is also known as Imbolg.  It is also focused on the home, the hearth, and all things associated.

Blessings of prosperity, success, and growth as you walk forward on your spiritual path!


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