Circle of Light Membership


Every year, on the Sunday closest to the Equinox, Circle of Light has a new member ceremony for those that want to become members of Circle of Light. Hence we have two ceremonies a year, in the Spring and Autumn, to welcome those that are interested in becoming Circle of Light church members. First, let’s start with what it takes.

In order to become a member of Circle of Light, one must have been attending services in a regular-ish fashion for at least six months. What I mean by that is that its not set in stone. It’s not like there’s a technical cut off limit. If you come for off and on for, say, a year or more, then that does largely come into play here. You must also be 18 years of age, but there is a system for those younger than 18 years of age that want to join Circle of Light. And of course letting your own inner light shine while you join us helps, too!

Membership does have its privileges, though, so here are just a few as a teaser. First of all, you get the ability to check out books in the library, and keep them. Talk about expediting your spiritual growth! There’s a lot of good material in there. You also get the option to join the Circle of Light Yahoo Group, which is usually the initial point of dissemination of information having to do with church. After being a member in good standing for a year, you have the ability to vote in meetings, and when electing church officers. You also get the ability to serve as an officer or a board member as well! Of course this list is constantly changing and getting added to as well, and like the attendance mentioned above, a lot of this is reasonable, fluid, and flexible.

The final carrot to dangle is that the new member ceremony plugs you into the metaphysical and energetic current of church, tapping you into a much greater circuit of force, and I can tell you from becoming a church member and becoming ordained, that, well, just, wow!

So, consider it. Think about it. The first new membership ceremony of the year is coming up in March, and the one after that will be in September.

Happy Full Moon!


Rev Bill

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