Business Meeting Minutes 3/8/15

Opening prayer by Rev. Bill @8:42 PM.

Minutes from the previous meeting were read by Rev. Karen.  Motion to approve as read made by Robin; seconded by Rev. William.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking – 4811.19

Savings – 7517.02

Committee Reports:

Tech – yay Katie for her videos.

Events – need to buy ribbon for the maypole; who will do this?  Heather Key volunteered.


Old Business:

We still need to get back to recording services.  We need new things for Katie to post.  We’re still planning on doing this; timeline leads towards after elections (April).


New Business:

Retreat will be 5/1-5/3.  Need to schedule events and set up food list.

Elections – up for election:  VP, secretary, librarian, and membership.

Candidates:  VP – Mel?

Secretary – Rev. Karen

Librarian – Storm

Membership – need new person; Tim volunteers to run

Will address the idea of interns for positions.  Event coordinator position will turn into an event committee.

Voting – make sure dues are paid.  New bylaw proposed:  what form of government are we?


Items from the Floor:

Zach and Jae want to update the hymnal and add new music.  Rev. Karen suggests we check for a CD Rev. Vanessa donated to the library which had several new songs on it.  Among suggested additions:  Down by the Riverside.

Meditations for July:

7/5 – Rev. William

7/12 – Rev. Vanessa

7/19 – possibly Rev. Bill

7/26 – fire releasing ceremony

Katie – can she be approved to do an inspired talk?  Also wants to set up Google+ and Youtube channels for church (has been given the go-ahead).

We received a request on our FB page from a minister in Kenya who wants to affiliate himself with our church.  Rev. Bill will talk to him.

Motion to adjourn made by Rev. William; seconded by Zach.  Closing prayer by Rev. Bill @9:28 PM.

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