The Thinning of the Veil


There’s a lot going on in the Circle of Light world right now, and I would like to take this opportunity to catch everyone up. To begin with, we recently welcomed two new members into our growing family on September 22. Congratulations to Robin and Yvette on becoming Circle of Light church members! It was a beautiful ceremony led by the Circle of Light ministers.

Coming up in October are a couple of activities that are different from our normal guided meditations. The first one is our annual All Message Service. This occurs every year when the veil between the worlds is near it’s thinnest, and is a very popular event. It occurs after Pathways closes at 8:30PM, and this year will occur on Saturday, October 12th. Tickets are $20 cash in advance, and it is wise to get tickets early because it is traditionally a sell out event. Purchase of a ticket also makes you eligible for the door prizes that are given away. The door prizes are readings, energy work sessions, and admittance into classes. All of this is donated by many of the readers of Pathways and of Circle of Light Church, so needless to say that any one of those door prizes that are won is worth as much, if not more, than the cost of the ticket. Usually there are enough donations by these workers that the odds are very good that one will take home at least one door prize. The way that the event works is simple. When you attend the event, many of the message bearers will be there, giving messages to those in attendance. Hence even if you don’t take home a door prize, you’ll still get multiple readings from the readers and light workers that are there that evening. The event usually lasts a couple of hours, so it is wise to plan accordingly.

The other event that is out of the ordinary is our “Honoring Our Ancestors” activity that will be held the last Sunday in October, at the usual church service time. Feel free to bring a small item with you that reminds you of a loved one in Spirit. We will take the items and place them on a table in the middle of the service, and during the service, we will send energy to them as a way of honoring our ancestors and our roots.

November brings another activity worth mentioning, and that is our annual communion, which is open to all. This usually occurs around the holly day of Thanksgiving, and during it we take communion as a sacrament to experience and commune with the divine. We use a hawaiian sweet bread to represent the sweetness of the fruits of the physical plane, and we use a golden honey mead or sparkling grape juice (your choice) to represent taking in that golden Christed light for harmony and rejuvenation.

I encourage everyone to explore these activities, and to begin to reflect on your own individual harvests that have occurred due to the work that has been done throughout the year. Now is the season of giving thanks, and of honoring what has come before.


Rev Bill

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